Podcast & Sound Art

We believe sound is an excellent carrier to support original ideas, to deepen unique visions, to sustain dreams and to reveal the hidden poetry of words. It allows an innovative approach to storytelling and exposure of your ideas.

In a world over-saturated by visuals, the sound world embody an avant-garde medium in which creativity commits the listening via stunning voices, colored ambiances, spot-on musics and pertinent silences.

Who are we?

William Maurer

Emerging from the collaboration of two creative minds in 2020, Virage Sonore assist you in the development of your podcast project by creating an original and professional content.

Kevin Gironnay

Our Creations

Producing – Editing
Music Composition
Sound design

Producing – Editing Music recording

Le Carnaval de la savane
Radio Dodo – UNESCO
Producing – Editing
Sound design
Voice over

Arrêter d’écrire
France CultureAtelier de Création Radiophonique
Co-producing – Recording – Editing

Our Services

Recording & Producing
Our team will help you to prepare the production of your podcast and will take care of organizing all the recording sessions, in either our studio, your offices or even outside.

Mixing & Sound optimisation
Our team will take care of the editing and mixing of your productions in order to match your expectations and the quality requirements of all the streaming services.

Sound design & Music composition
Our team, composed of professional musicians, can shape the sound of your productions and make them unique, by creating original music and sound design.

Hosting & Distribution
We have solutions to host and distribute your podcasts on every popular streaming services. We can also take care of sending you all the statistics with the frequency you would prefer.

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