Creations 1

2021 By Signé Laval and Culture Laval, Laval en trois temps is a podcast exploring themes inspiring artists and shaping the Laval identity : community, territory and history.
2021In association with Les Affaires, with the support of Actiz. An investigation series in search of well-being at work through sports.
2020In association with Le Vivier, showing the universe of new music and meeting the people who bring it to life.
2020In association with Les Affaires and supported by la Banque Nationale. A podcast series in which experts answer question from the community of entrepreneurs in Quebec.
An immersive originale series created by William Maurer and Hocine Hamrioui : a deep dive into the life of sex workers in Quebec.
A radio show by Kevin Gironnay featuring guests from the experimental music community of Montreal, with interviews and live music.
Derrière le sample is a podcast about the original tracks hidden behind the biggest musical hits of the last decades.
Participative and collective podcast, created during the COVID-19 lockdown. A collage of sounds received every day from all around the world.