A call for projects by Virage Sonore

Amplify your ideas with Virage Sonore !

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To celebrate World Radio Day (February 13th, 2022), Virage Sonore launches their call for projects, called « AMPLITUDE », which offers complete support for both technical and artistic production.
It allows a producer or a collective to create a podcast or other radiophonic creation supported by the team of Virage Sonore !

« AMPLITUDE » is opened to anyone with an idea that could be developed at and with Virage Sonore: a new podcast concept, an idea for a sound documentary, a project exploring the medium of radio, etc…

The selected project will receive :

  • 10 hours total of recording in our studio or outside (on the island of Montreal), spread over one day or several sessions,
  • 20 hours total of creative support and production strategies in our studio: pre-production meetings, derushing, editing, musical composition, mixing, mastering,
  • Hosting and distribution through our network and communication for the launch.

Experience your podcast project come to life with Virage Sonore, whether you already have some experience under your belt or it’s your first time, whether you are familiar with sound recording and processing or not at all (or if you are interested in learning along the way!): give your idea some « AMPLITUDE »!


Virage Sonore is one of the most active podcast companies in Montreal. Virage Sonore’s studio opened its doors in the heart of the Plateau in September 2021, and quickly became the place where the magic happens! In the past few months, we have worked with Les Affaires, Signé Laval, the Quebec Government, the town of Boucherville, the Festival de Poésie de Montréal, and the list goes on… From conceptualization to distribution, via recording, musical composition, sound design, editing, mixing and master, Virage Sonore offers a high-quality turnkey podcast service.
Led by two sound admirers, both sound engineers, musicians and radio people, the focus is always on the project and the ideas, and how to serve them with the medium of sound. With more than a decade of sonic expertise, this passion is what make Virage Sonore breathe and is what pushed them to create this call for projects: to give life to an innovative project that otherwise may not get the chance to take shape in sound waves.


Eligibility :
Anyone living in Canada and who will be able to be in Montreal for the production period.

Calendrier :
Feb. 13th : Opening of the call for project
March 20th : Proposal deadline
April 1st : Announcement of the selected project
April to June : Production period (depending on the project)

General rules :
The final product will remain the property of the producer(s).
The producer(s) authorize(s) nonetheless Virage Sonore communicate about the final product.

We can’t wait to hear about your project ! Fill that form !

For any questions regarding « AMPLITUDE », the call for projects, write to us at info@viragesonore.com